Music and how it can tell a story

Music is a tool many artists around the world use to tell their story, just like the way an artist uses paints and pencils except our pencils and paints are called VST’s and Plug-In’s. Dance music is my favorite tool used to tell a story because there are no restrictions, once you have some basic oscillators you can go anywhere with automation. Some key indicators of how you can tell if the song will be happy or unhappy are:

-The chord progression (Whether the chords are minor or major)

-Key (The scale the progression has been taken from)

-Bpm/Tempo (The speed of the song)

-Lyrics (The words)

-Sound design (Creating the electronic sounds using VST’s and Plug-In’s)

I go to, and play at many festivals and each has their own vibe/story and they carefully select artists that will help push their vision of the event. Every different artist is a whole different experience/journey through their style of music and how they tell their story. Some artists tell a very slow and specific story while others are fast paced and full of action! DJ’s/Producers are in fact just entertainers and entertain not through their own words but the words of the music.




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