Safe Or Unsafe (Bush Doofs)

Underground music festivals are an unregulated area in the popular live music scene. There is a reemerging culture around “bush doofs” and “psychedelic festivals”, which due to the drug culture attached these events many festivals go unnoticed by authorities.

Held in remote locations and unpublished in the media these events are not only attracting drug users, but lovers of the art of electronic music.  The reason these events are unregulated and the attendees are in some ways “unprotected” is due to strict laws that make these types of events harder and harder to make happen.

There is a community belief that these events are unsafe as they are commonly they known as places of high drug use and this gives the music loving community a bad reputation.

I have personal experience in this arena as both an artist and a spectator and in my opinion its not all about “getting super wasted”. It’s about the love and the respect that everyone around you has for each other, the environment around us, and how you can open your mind to see your true self better. I believe I’m not alone in this opinion as i have witnessed and spoken with many others who attend these events for their love of art, nature, and the company of like minded people.

The cracking down of laws which prohibit these events and even prosecute the event holders are not improving the safety of these events but pushing them even further underground. Drugs are taken at many other events and there are safety measures in place including access to emergency support. There is a push for access to onsite drug testing to increase awareness of what people are taking and this could improve the safety of those who choose to partake.

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With the recent published deaths at raves in the media the attention has been all negative and where is the attention for the art?

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Creating Electronic Music

Electronic music has been around since the 70’s but the technology which is available today is becoming more and more widely available t o the public for the world to experience. From the Professional producer in a studio to the novice just starting in his bedroom, there are programs and tools to suit everyone’s needs and abilities. Some programs are free for trial or can cost you a BIG whole in your wallet but its all about how the program works for you.

Electronic music is made in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are many DAW’s available including:

  • FL Studio
  • Ableton
  • Reaper
  • Cubasel
  • Logic Pro

I use FL Studio myself because it is suits the way i work and has all the features I’m looking for. Inside this DAW and many others there are plug-ins and VST’s (Virtual Studio Technology). This sounds fancy but what does it actually all do?

Well, most plug-ins are synthesis based so they replicate an anologue sound and let you tweek it in a multitude of ways using automations (automating the filter/pluck/phaser ect). Other plug-ins and VST’s could include:

  • Drum processors
  • Effects
  • Compressors
  • Eq’s




Music and how it can tell a story

Music is a tool many artists around the world use to tell their story, just like the way an artist uses paints and pencils except our pencils and paints are called VST’s and Plug-In’s. Dance music is my favorite tool used to tell a story because there are no restrictions, once you have some basic oscillators you can go anywhere with automation. Some key indicators of how you can tell if the song will be happy or unhappy are:

-The chord progression (Whether the chords are minor or major)

-Key (The scale the progression has been taken from)

-Bpm/Tempo (The speed of the song)

-Lyrics (The words)

-Sound design (Creating the electronic sounds using VST’s and Plug-In’s)

I go to, and play at many festivals and each has their own vibe/story and they carefully select artists that will help push their vision of the event. Every different artist is a whole different experience/journey through their style of music and how they tell their story. Some artists tell a very slow and specific story while others are fast paced and full of action! DJ’s/Producers are in fact just entertainers and entertain not through their own words but the words of the music.